Bloodbath API

Schedule your first event

Learn how to schedule your first event in less than 5 minutes
Go to your terminal and write the cURL instruction down
curl <> \\
-H "Authorization: Bearer <Replace this with your API key>" \\
-d scheduled_for="<Replace with a date in the future>" \\
-d headers="{}" \\
-d body="{test: test}" \\
-d method="post" \\
-d endpoint="<>"
You must change <Replace this with your API key> with the key in your clipboard. Additionally, you have to add a date in the future for the event to be scheduled; change <Replace with a date in the future> by any date using the ISO 8601 format, for example
You should receive the information of created event with its id as a response immediately. One good practice if you're using this within any codebase is to store this id somewhere, which will allow you to find or cancel the event easily.

Look it up through the dashboard

Once you reach the date you previously set, the event will be triggered and sent to the endpoint. You can immediately check the dashboard
In this example, we've scheduled 5 events to be dispatched at the same time

Check the details of your events

You can access the details directly through the dashboard. But also through our REST or GraphQL API directly.
A few states are obvious, but you may wonder what the enqueue, lock and dispatch are
Enqueued at
Time at which the event is pulled from the database and a process is scheduled internally for future spawning
Locked at
The process is being run, you can't cancel the event from this point forward
Dispatched at
Bloodbath sent the payload over

Going further

Congratulation, you went through the basics of Bloodbath. Using our REST API through cURL is a good first step, but we provide much more than that. You can use our GraphQL API or the different language libraries to write up scripts or adding our service to your codebase.
If your favorite language isn't present in our libraries, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll gladly add it.